Blogging at Flblogcon

Paula Cashflow turned six months old this weekend and coincidentally I headed off to Orlando, Florida for the Florida Bloggers Convention; aka FlBlogCon.

Filled to capacity at Full Sail University on a rainy Saturday, hundreds of fellow bloggers were there to pick the brains of other expert bloggers and soak in this newly chosen profession for many Millenials, Gen X & Gen Yers.

Is it okay for a Baby Boomer like myself to hang with this group?  Absolutely!

I met all kinds of bloggers.  Food, travel and fitness were very popular blogging venues.  I did not meet any other finance bloggers.  During the conference I found out (through tweeting) that there was a finance convention that many finance bloggers that I follow on twitter were attending in New Orleans [oops Not in San Fran].  Wow, this is getting serious!  I love it!

We immediately got to work listening to very inspiring and motivating speakers.  See, I knew there was a reason why we all need to become good public speakers .

We learned about branding our blogs, monetizing our blogs (you mean I can actually make money blogging about topics I’m passionate about?).  Using Twitter (I’m still a novice at tweeting), Pinterest and Instagram were popular ways to build your brand and reach out to potential “followers”.  A travel blogger/speaker said that writing her first e-book was game changing for her blog about Florida adventures.  I love to write…..Duh!.  So when they said that quality of content was “key”, I felt that Paula Cashflow was headed in the right direction.  I want to write high quality content.  I’m committed to that and I want my readers to hold me accountable.  Write a blog:  Change the world.

There was also a session on “Haters and Trolls:  Crisis Management for your Blog”.  You mean I will actually come across people that don’t like Paula Cashflow.  Say it isn’t so!

Other sessions included using  TV and video to enhance your blog, newsletter marketing, Google Helpouts, Youtube tips and tricks, e-mags, podcasts and the lists goes on.

So what were Paula Cashflows takeaways from this conference?

  • Write, write,write…
  • Focus on quality content.
  • Start tweeting, instagraming and pinteresting (Maybe those words will make        Webster’s dictionary next year).
  • Write an e-book.
  • Become an expert.

The last session was a panel of experts that work in the field of connecting bloggers with branders, who I refer to as the “connectors”.  Now this is where it got really interesting.  Their message – Don’t wait until you’ve got thousands of followers before you monetize your brand, get on board early.  Meet the companies that will embrace your blog early on.  Okay.  That could be me.  This is where it gets tricky.  Do I reach out to them?  Yes…maybe?  Or do I wait for them to reach out to me?

As luck would have it, my email list acquired a new subscriber on Sunday.  Hmmm… I wonder if my new subscriber is a “connector”.

Better not mess it up now.

I won’t.  Because it’s about life and how you live it!

In the spirit of financial well-being,

Paula Cashflow

P.S.:  Next week, back to finance topics with “Borrowing from your 401k:  good or bad?”

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